Untitled Story part 2

May 1, 2012
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Here’s the next part:


Now David usually liked summer. There was more excitement, more news, more fun; but this summer was carrying a heavy price. This summer David was leaving the city to go to… the country. Scary I know. It’s almost terrifying to think about. The unpredictability! There could be excitement or boredom. There could be fun, or boredom. There could be adventure, or boredom. I think you get the point by now. In the country there is a high chance, of boredom. Terrible isn’t it? David knew (or should I say thought) that he had to get out of this. He tried to talk his way out of going to the country yesterday, here’s how it went:

David: “But Mom, I can’t go to the country! It’s empty and boring and smells like dirt.” Mom: “Now son, don’t get worked up. Besides, you have family there you haven’t seen since you were three. David: “I don’t even know them.” Mom (firmly): “Then you can spend your time getting to know them.” David: “My life is over.” Mom: “No, it isn’t. Now pull yourself together.” David (whining): “It is over! Do you know what’s in the country?” Mom: “Nothing is in the country.” David: “That’s the problem!” Mom: “Young man, you are going to visit your relatives in the country whether you like it or not!”

His dad wasn’t much help either.

David: “Dad I can’t go to the country. It’s full of cow pies and dirt and pigs and boredom! Dad: “Didn’t I hear you and mother going on about this?” David (whining): “Dad!” Dad: “I think your mother closed the matter.” David: “But—” Dad (firmly): “No buts. You’re going and that’s final.”

So now David is stuck going to the country. He has only a few more days before school ends, then comes, the summer. David is working on a way to get himself out of the trip, but for now, he’s going to school.




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New Story Idea

April 9, 2012

I need some advice. I have a problem. Answer this question to help me.

Here’s the question: If you were writing a story (not sure how long) about someone having a crazy dream… what would you have in it? A poll on the topic will be coming soon!

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Hobby Discussion

April 9, 2012
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Tell me your hobbies! Let’s discuss! Go into as much detail as possible! And most important of all, HAVE FUN!

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Untitled Story

April 9, 2012
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Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you A work of Fiction I am writing. Have fun! Read ‘n Review!

Here is a part of it:

It was a calm peaceful morning. There was the usual dawn wakeup call of a car accident; the comfortable honking of cars; and the rhythmic sound of a construction site. Like I said, it was a calm peaceful morning.

David got up and stretched. He opened the window and got a nice, refreshing breeze. It was full of the smell of old dog, trash, and smoke. That’s fresh air in the city for you.

David looked at the peaceful scene in front of him: the slow-moving traffic, accompanied by the honking of horns; cyclists and bikers weaving through cars; the average pedestrian dodging vehicles while crossing the street. “Ah,” David thought, “This is the life.” He also knew that this life would end for him soon. “Somehow I got to convince my parents to let me stay,” he thought.

“Breakfast is ready! Get it while it’s hot!” his mother called from downstairs.

“Coming!” he chimed in response. He opened his door tromped downstairs.

His mother greeted him at the bottom.

“Did you take your shower?” she asked.

Mom,” he whined.

“Upstairs,” she said firmly, “I told you before. Stop staring at traffic and take your shower or else you eat breakfast cold. Now get up those stairs!”

David wasn’t really upset. He had this with his mom every day. Most people say the city is unpredictable, David found this untrue. If you lived long enough in the big cities, you could see a daily routine. At his house was his morning routine: wake up, open the window, look outside, go downstairs, whine to mom, take shower, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and go to school. However, soon that was going to change. Summer break was coming, and for David, the end of his world.

I just wanted to share that tidbit with you. Hope you liked it!

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Hello Everyone!

April 8, 2012
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Hi guys! This is my blog!

As of now I haven’t had this blog for very long so I could use some feedback!

Have fun!

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